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Hear what real Mapleton Online students and families have to say!

"I love all of my teachers so much, but this teacher just sticks out the most. I have connected really well with Ms. Kate Miya. I have a very special situation right now and she has been a really amazing support. I have needed a lot of help and she has always been there to help me. I got really frustrated with my work a lot, and she stayed calm and helped. I just love her so much.

Another thing that she does that is so amazing is she takes time to talk to me and she supports me when I need it. For example, the other day I asked if she had time to meet in the afternoon to talk to me and she said yes. It feels like she always has time to be available and support me.

What really got us connected was a stuffed animal. She had a stuffed animal that is called a warmie. It is basically a heat pack but in the form of a stuffed animal. She had a dog and I have a llama that is the same kind as hers so I sent her a picture and then we just connected.

I really am so happy and grateful that I have her as a teacher this year. She is so amazing! She helps me with my work. I can tell she really cares. I get a lot of praise from all of my teachers and like I said earlier I absolutely love all of my teachers but she is just amazing." 

-Sabine P., 10th Grade

 "I used to hate school, I never liked it, I would get good grades but it was very stressful. That is until I got Ms. Garrison as my teacher for this year. She made me enjoy school and get motivated for the school work. Sure, sometimes I don’t feel like going to school but then I remember that I can do all of today’s work and accomplish something. She has taught me so much these past few months whether it was science or just life tips. She has really helped me with my grades.

She also cares for her students well being. I remember when I used to be in her advisory class she would have this google form called “Daily Check-In”, it was about how we feel, our emotions, and if we have anything to tell her. If something was wrong she would check up on you and make sure everything was okay with you. It was nice knowing she would and could help you with anything going on. She has taught me that if you truly want to do something you should give it your best effort and by doing so you should push yourself to do better and better each time."

- Paulina O., 8th Grade

"I have two favorite teachers. Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Bos of 5th Grade. Everytime I'm behind, they help me out. I at first only had a 51.89% in Canvas, but with their help, I got to 70.49%. It is also easy to talk to them because with their kindness, I do not get stubborn. On the first day at Mapleton, I thought I would have the worst teacher, but now I know I was 100% wrong and I got the BEST teachers in Mapleton (for my opinion). Having teachers like Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Bos is the easiest and best thing that ever happens to me.

Another reason is how they are mostly available. Every Time I need help, BAM! I get a message and get the help I need. I sometimes get nervous about work, but with Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Bos around, I know I should never worry about school. Getting work done is REALLY hard by yourself, but with a teacher at your side, it is a piece of cake. Most people think that they could do things themself, but I'm not like that. I mostly need lots of help. I like having help when I need it."

- Dineah B., 5th Grade

 "I would like to tell you about my favorite teacher Mrs. Black. I am in kindergarten and I was scared on my first day of school and Mrs. Black made me feel good and happy. Mrs. Black has taught me my letters and how to read. I did not know many of my letters before I started school. I like doing math with Ms. Black and playing math games. She has made kindergarten fun and exciting. I thought kindergarten would be boring."

-Nathan G., Kindergarten

 "I had the same speech teacher for 4 years and when I found out I was going to have a new one I was nervous and scared. Mrs.Blaustein made me feel welcomed and let me know everything will be ok. She has taught me new techniques to say my letters and words. she is also teaching me structure, words, and reading comprehension. She is helping me become a better student and for that I am thankful."

- Alexandra G., 5th Grade

 "Ms. Drew brings us joy and happiness every morning and after school. Even if we don't talk she always finds a way to make us. She's really helped me open up a little more this year and talk a little more in my classes. I always enjoy our talks even if it's a very little conversation. My class is basically known as the quiet class, sometimes we are just too shy or scared but ms drew helps us feel comfortable. Sometimes it feels like she's a close friend because she really understands us as a class.

At least once or twice a week Ms. Drew supports us by asking us if we´re passing any classes and if we´re not she gives us that support by believing in us and encouraging us to do missing work or to ask the teacher for extra credit work. She overall always makes class interesting and fun. She's always saying funny stuff and making me laugh. I appreciate her a lot."

Brianna L., 8th Grade 

"I would like to thank all my 7th grade teachers, but especially Mr. Haines and Ms. Hult, who are the people who have supported me. They have had too much patience with me despite the language barrier and having started class time after. 

Mr. Haines has always been very kind, he helped me understand canvas, he has always been willing to help with a kind treatment. He is even proud of my work. I appreciate it without a doubt.

Ms. Hult always welcomes us with a smile in her class, and at the end of her class I love how she says good job, see you soon." 

- Yesenia S., 7th Grade

 "My favorite teacher is Miss Daly. I am thankful for her because every day when we are done with our work, she plays movement videos. We also play Kahoot at the very end of the day. On Fridays, we play gimkit. My teacher is very kind. She helps us when we are stuck. My teacher is the best." 

Jacob B., 4th Grade

 "As we came into the new year of 2020 things gradually worsened and the biggest change was COVID. We acted fast and made school online. While it is harder at some points, it is 100% safer for everyone as we are able to stay in the comfort of our own homes. The perks as a student is going to the bathroom, eating, and wearing what you want whenever. The other bonus is being able to work at your own pace and in your own comfort zone to be able to focus and get things done without the distractions you get being in school physically."

- Danayah C., 11th Grade

"I would first like to start by saying thank you. Each and every one of you made school easier. I know I waited until the last minute to turn in my assignments (especially in your class, Peterson) but you all made exceptions in which I truly appreciate. Doing online school was far from easy. I struggled quite a bit and I definitely don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you guys and gals. As I am excited for it to be over, I am also very, very sad. I will probably never see any of you again and you will never see my initials through a screen, but for now, this WILL NOT be goodbye. Just good night. So, thank YOU for all of your hard work and dedication. I know it absolutely was not easy for you, but I am so proud of you and all the work you’ve done. You are all amazing and what you have done for me and other students is greatly appreciated. I will cherish this year forever."

- Kyra T., 12th Grade