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Is Mapleton Online right for me

Is an online school right for you? 

There are many reasons to consider attending an online school.

You might be a Mapleton Online student if....

  • You are a self-directed learner who is able to get started and complete projects on your own.
  • You like to use the Internet to explore a wide variety of interests. 
  • You learn best by doing projects and assignments. 
  • You feel comfortable communicating through email, video chat, and text. 
  • You like to form 1:1 relationships with teachers and classmates. 
  • You prefer to keep your own schedule throughout the day.
  • Your job or activities schedule requires you to have flexibility with scheduling your day.

You might be a Mapleton Online family if...

  • You like to be involved in your student's education. 
  • You prefer frequent communication with your child's teachers. 
  • You are able to maintain a daily schedule at home. 
  • Learning at home is part of your family culture. 
  • An at-home schedule works best with your family's routines and beliefs. 
  • You like having access to materials and texts at home. 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.