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Mapleton Online Engagement Agreement

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School Commitment: 

We, as staff, will support your children’s success by:

1. Providing high-quality instruction in a supportive learning environment that allows opportunities for all children to access the State’s student academic achievement standards.

2. Holding parent-teacher conferences minimally twice a year (in the fall and spring) to discuss student academic progress. Provide parents with frequent informal reports on the children’s progress throughout the year. Middle School and High School grades will be uploaded to Infinite Campus weekly in which parents may access through the Parent Portal.

3. Providing updated Website information, communication information on each teacher’s Canvas page, announcements with upcoming events, and quarter report cards. The school will provide opportunities for a parent forum upon request to discuss school-wide concerns or information. We will offer orientations/parent support for Canvas and Teams.

4. Providing parents reasonable access to staff. Staff will be available for consultation with parents during school hours by arranged appointment. Staff emails are listed on our Web page.

5. Providing parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and to observe classroom activities on Canvas.

6. Making all correspondence sent home available in English and Spanish or other languages as requested by parents.

7. Making available copies of Colorado State Standards, descriptions of intervention programs, before and after school academic opportunities, special education, Gifted and or ELL information. This information can be found in the office upon request.

8. Providing all academic instruction through Canvas and Teams. In-person learning activities (fusion learning) will be provided to enhance learning experiences when appropriate under safe COVID precautions. Teachers will record whole group lessons for academic review and support. Instruction will be a mix of synchronous, blended learning, asynchronous, and flipped instruction.

9. Taking attendance twice daily for Elementary and during each period for Middle School & High School. Students must be logged into their Canvas/Teams page and actively participating in each class for attendance to count. Mapleton Online follows in-person District and State attendance guidelines and policies.

10. Our District technology department is ready to assist with Chromebook, iPad, and internet connectivity concerns and can be accessed through email: 

Parent Commitment

We, as parents, will support our children’s success by encouraging a learning environment at home with activities that include: 

  1. Monitoring our children’s attendance. Protecting their daily schedule between 9:00 am – 2:15 pm from activities, prioritizing school time. Monitoring engagement during live lessons and work completion of asynchronous activities and assignments. Staff reserves the right to change attendance if students are not participating in class and completing daily assignments (Call 303-853-1246 to excuse your child if they are going to be absent).
  1. Ensuring our children have a distraction-free learning workspace. When possible, we will provide a written schedule, timers, and work supplies (materials) as needed to support classroom assignments. We will charge students' equipment nightly. We will notify the school if we are missing materials to set up an appointment to receive school supplies provided by Mapleton School District.  The school will notify parents when additional materials are available.
  1. Ensuring that children are dressed in accordance with the District’s Dress Code Policy, setting up at a table or desk while in live sessions. The student workspace should be away from the television and/or video games during school hours. We will encourage our children to work as independently as possible, making sure they are the “active learner” during all assignments, online and off. 
  1. Supporting our children with their schoolwork with adequate internet service for streaming video. We will ensure student technology is working and charged (contact if problems arise with school equipment).
  1. Participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to our children’s education. We will notify classroom teachers during their “office hours” if you have questions or concerns, and we will avoid interrupting teachers during their live instruction.
  1. Allowing students to complete all online assessments without parent support (Cameras must be on during all assessments to ensure compliance with this rule). It is extremely important especially during assessments that we get an accurate record of your child’s independent knowledge. This information allows teachers to design differentiated targeted instruction.
  1. Promoting positive use of my child’s extracurricular time. We will monitor each child’s chat to ensure they are using positive digital citizenship. District platforms should only be used during school hours (7:55 am – 3:30 pm) for school-appropriate activities. All communications are recorded by the District.
  1. Providing the school with updated current contact information as it changes.   
  1. Staying informed about my child’s education and communicating with the school and responding as appropriate. Check IC and Canvas grades for updated academic progress and attendance. Grades will be updated each Monday morning by 8:30 AM.
  1. Serving, to the extent possible, on policy advisory groups, that affect the curriculum and experiences that help our children succeed in school. 

Student Commitment

 We, as students, will share the responsibility to improve our academic achievement to the highest standards.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Attend class daily from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. Actively participate in online activities. Have my camera on during live worktime with teachers. (Preferred, but not an expectation at the high school level). Leave my mute button on unless I am specifically talking. I will answer Teams call from teachers during school hours. I will communicate appropriately in the chat box. I will check my school email, Canvas in-box, and Teams chats daily.
  1. Follow District Dress Code daily, work at my designated study area away from distractions, turn off the television, music, phone conversations, and video games during school hours. I will actively participate in all live lessons.
  1. Complete all assignments on and offline. Notify teachers immediately if I am unable to access an assignment or need future academic assistance to complete the assignment.
  1. Give school notices and announcements to parents/guardians the day that they are handed out. 
  1. Work hard and study in all subjects and strive for success in all academics. 
  1. Use positive, respectful digital citizenship practices.


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