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Mapleton Online FAQs

Mapleton Online

Why an online Mapleton school? 

As a district, we are motivated to re-envision the ways in which we meet the academic needs of every family in our community. To that end, we are pleased to introduce Mapleton Online, a free, online Mapleton school, and the latest addition to our robust menu of learning models. 

Similar to what you have come to expect from all Mapleton schools, Mapleton Online is based on the following pillars of success – relationships, rigor, relevance, and results.  

Students will have full access to participate in Athletics, Performing Arts, Air Force JROTC, as well as district events, including the Science Fair, Spelling Bee, and Art Show. 

How do I enroll my child at Mapleton Online?

To enroll your child in Mapleton Online, visit Mapleton's website and submit your online application for enrollment. Mapleton Online is a learning opportunity for "virtually" the district or out of the district, one mile away or 100 miles away! 

How do Mapleton Online students access their courses? 

Mapleton will use Canvas to help students master the learning targets outlined in the Colorado Department of Education’s prioritized standards. The Canvas Learning Management platform allows schools to build a digital learning environment that meets the unique and individual needs of students. Canvas is rooted in the science of learning—to help every student and teacher save time, increase achievement, and find success. Students will receive a Chromebook or iPad at no charge. Technology Services will be provided to all families at no charge. Families will also receive internet cost support.

Can Mapleton Online students create their own schedules to complete their school work? 

Mapleton Online instruction will be delivered in real-time by teachers with training and expertise in online education. Students are expected to attend live classes throughout the school day, participate in live classes, and do their work through Canvas.

For grades 2-5, attendance is taken once in the morning and once in the afternoon. For grades 6-12, attendance is taken at the beginning of each period. Parents of Mapleton students will be notified by phone if students are marked absent during a class period.

To excuse an absence for your child, please call our attendance line at 303.853.1246. 

Will students still be able to participate in sports, zero hour, and other co-curricular activities?  

Absolutely. Please see the district's main page for more information on how to sign your student up for athletics, zero-hour activities, and more. 

Can my child access school from anywhere?

Absolutely! Once you have enrolled in Mapleton Online and picked up your child's supplies from our in-person location, you will be able to access the school anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Please note that, due to new requirements from the Colorado Department of Education, in order to attend Mapleton Online, all students must have a primary residence at a physical address in the state of Colorado. Students do not need to live within the boundaries of Mapleton Public Schools.

Research into online learning success recommends that students attend school in a consistent place each day.  

As an online school, how will Mapleton Online encourage and provide for social interaction between students? 

We know that nothing replaces the valuable growth, learning, and development that comes from in-person interactions between students. To encourage and provide for social interaction between students, we will be integrating social-emotional learning into daily lesson plans. We are also exploring ways for students to “connect” with other students during a “recess” time, or a video lunch group, or “play” groups.  We hope to work with our parents to help design and implement ideal interaction and experiences for students.

Will my student receive a Chromebook?

All Mapleton Online students will receive the technology they need to be successful online. All grade levels will receive Chromebooks. 

If I enroll in Mapleton Online and decide to return my child to in-person learning, will they still have a seat at their current Mapleton school?  

By choosing to enroll your child in Mapleton Online, you are giving up your seat at your current school. If you choose to return to in-person learning,  placement will depend on availability at your school of choice. 

What grading system will Mapleton Online use? 

Mapleton Online will use the district’s grading policy adopted by the Board of Education. 

Will a high school diploma still come from Mapleton Public Schools, and will my child still be invited to participate in Mapleton's graduation ceremony?

Yes, Mapleton Online students are Mapleton Public Schools students and will participate in the district graduation ceremony in May. 

How will Mapleton Online support students with IEPs, or who need additional support?  

As a public school, Mapleton Online will comply with IEPs and 504 plans. Students who are learning English will still receive English Language Learner support through a language development plan, and gifted students will receive services through their Advanced Learning Plan. For more information, please contact your child's teacher.